Our Story





TSKENYA is an immersive vegan and sustainable footwear brand that specialises in the niche size range 8-13 UK (10-15US) and is free from gendered marketing.


Pronounced: SHA-KEN-YA


Free From Gendered Marketing 

When we say we are free from ‘gendered marketing’ it means that we do not target customers based on their gender, anyone can wear and feel fabulous in our shoes. Our main aim is to provide on-trend footwear in the size range 8-13UK (10-15US) and will not use gendered language on the website or social media. Inclusion and intersectionality are at the heart of this brand – we are made for everyBODY.

Intersectionality makes us stronger. We represent all people with larger sized feet regardless of their gendered identity, hence our stance against gendered marketing. Our brand is proud to be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community.




 Sustainable and Recyclable

Style is important but so is conscious and considered fashion. We create fashion in a way which is most considerate of humanity and the environment, reducing the environmental impact wherever possible. The ultimate goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint. At TSKENYA, we make sure that our shoes are timelessly trendy and will be releasing 3-4 collections a year. Our shoes are made from PU leather and can be recycled through your local recycling depot.


Fully Vegan and Ethical 

Choosing vegan fashion makes sense for animal welfare and environmental reasons—and, particularly in the case of leather, often for social sustainability reasons too—and there are plenty of ways you can ensure that your wardrobe benefits both animals and the planet.

We’ll leave you with these words, which highlight the interconnectedness of the two: “Compassion towards animals deserves to be added as a UN Sustainable Development Goal because it is an issue of justice and science that is tied to some of the most harmful industries on the planet” – Joshua Katcher




Designers note


"Growing up, finding larger sized footwear was virtually impossible. Even when I could find shoes they were horrible looking and overpriced; when I went to buy shoes I was reminded that I did not fit into the stereotypical conventions of idealistic western beauty. In 2016, I had enough and decided to start a brand to represent ALL people with larger sized feet regardless of their gender identity, hence our stance against gendered marketing.


We are a brand of intersectionality. We break the rules. We are not just passionate about style, we are also passionate about giving back to the community and will regularly pledge selected profits to charities that support our LGBTQ+ siblings, those who have suffered from bullying and domestic violence.


I promise that this brand will continuously push to create stylish and sustainable footwear for everyone to stand tall in. I promise that we will do our best to serve our conscious community, through ethical and gender inclusive practices. I promise that I will not stop until these shoe sizes are widely available EVERYWHERE – not only making them highly accessible through e-commerce but also on the high street. I make you those promises and I will keep those promises. Inclusive luxury is for everyBODY."


Tskenya-Sarah FrazerFounder & Designer