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Mx E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

they triggerd a cascade in the subcosious of my mind and Drew upon my aidence and there telakernetic powers of a coven for geomacy i was a Kenya countess jsut at putting them in my shoping basket with thorts of stress tenchers leading to the wites in the eyeriss suryasiss ..... like the shanolin monks..depeds how you go through it .........the ilitend blind ones i think posably the mummy to vampiers amist there kate bush but im only 41 iwas a 2 month old fetle embrio for wutering higths ....puleld back in tiem as al lvampeirsarewhen they change and broght in to the tempral paradox of the Hudie curse by my mum in some of her music permances ...this one got me going on Kenya and my wanerbros entertqaiment Enya groop and also vernessa paradis england had been bothering me for some years about ring majuana and herion adictions and the arguemtn twent hat james summers frech royal family told me about kenya and how cheep majuana was therewhen he sore a kenya 5 shilligns coin my mum picked up as a nerce in bulawayo rodisha in 1980 and 1981 and how that had got in to my coin colation and then and he told me that in 1991 and then in 1993 i think we placed one white purple poppy pettle on our toungs 11 years ago they went mad art me and my mu mcus we were groign bears breachers white purple flowers and htey wpent a few years blacmailing and thrign us for meony and always the same lies ...them going mad about ramsease and his blue lutus flower pettles bidign his mummified boddy and his lives asa hydra where he grow smajuana cus its good medicen and he has cacer issues cus of cells andf fre eradicals casign aging and so on its one of thse thgins hes hudreds of people al lover camrdge and i ahve a fair few twins ...vampier countesws anway so when i got he boots the word closed i naroudn me and i got feedback 3 or 4 days of them on my shopping listand the new briths 70 mill barracks in kenya jsut aperd on a news report and then cotiosn to them about a year ago bullimgn me o na farm pusing a seed across a table and saying yo ushod gro it after2 years of them arghign abotu There herin adiction and tthe first day i mo ved in saying as htey haded me a radation this is for keeping your majuana palts warm ...and the next day isent to hi mand i sadi im sirry you dont know me i am not goign t ogrow majuana palnts he slamed his poppy cup and said well you cant do it then and then was a bithch i nal lhis lives o nthat farm abotu me not beign abledt odo it andthat wqas plural across hte board abotu Everything ..his adctiosn are that bad 4000 year and mroe of opum form the lotus flower and athig nelse he can hget hold of so they sent a army there4.500 troops and they treted to kill my mum and sent oen fothe mroudn to have his cock sucked and hten to act liek a bitch about how they had kilel my grandmoteras a mercy killing cus he qas old and in pain an dcould nto die ..cus htey used herfor vam pthgis also......and so what phapepd was withi ndays of putting it on bookmark i got laods of thgns commign u pthat let me knos that theretrets to kill my family and how then my cousn died age 30 on hew years in proson ...was al lpart of measing ok i wil ltalk to them ok ok italekd ot kenya and eglnad got its first storm of the yar hail and thuderand then keyya gov and hten o broght a raibow slinkie and pushed it down the stars and half way down secod storm of the yar and a role of thuder it broght the boots at the time of the rainbow slinkie and a green mattie teck 2 with styluss cross brand pen and thats englandsw big thign about ruing my familys lives averthem wating to chage the 11 year argument overthe last 4 years to we want a big drug deal so i have taled ot kenya bout gernys cows beehives laviderfarms canabis sfarms the staderd hemp crops and rhoad iland red chickens cus of 300 egs aeyar and hot and cold restant and about rope to norway sea weed copony that lay it in the sea and about some weapons and thgins trade and about rubber trees and choclate trees and about ovens that have wood surply for one oven and some hot paltes and thagerate elticty so cow poop chickin poop and pot ash and ..........iragati nwquimetn and gra stor and woaterstor and little farmsteds for 30.000 ackers having cotacted Hong kong about my postionas the last briths govonerof hong kong befoe i haded it over ...and russion honey and a few coponsy and the libery of the fbi hedquarters ....Vernessa join roling tecnition Countess 1985 to 1995 tori amos egyption crown prinsess.....and nwo coutess Kenya so my telling ram he was is devorced seemed ot paly otu it was jsutwhat he awat4ed ...some of the mare arealy bad trying beifn married to7000 herin adicts and you only know 40 of them and ocation date some of them

Naakai A.
Ireland Ireland
The boots I’ve always wanted

1) these are my dream boots, the sexy witchy comfortable gorgeous power boots of my dreams. 2) there were a few delightful little snacks in the shoebox!! Shoes *and* snacks? I have never been happier to open a package. I am sooo excited to wear these out and about. The fit is also fantastic, which for my size 11.5 narrowish feet has been a rare find and...yes. Over a moon about this whole situation.